2019 Legislative Results

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criminal justiceCriminal Justice Reform

AB 32 - Ending the Use of Private Prisons
We made history by enacting the strongest-in-the-nation law banning for-profit, private prisons and civil detention centers in California! These Wall Street-owned companies are incentivized to maximize profits and minimize costs— including the important "costs" of investments in programs, services and rehabilitation efforts that reduce recidivism rates and increase success for Californians upon their reentry into society. This is California saying: No More.  No more inhumane treatment.  No more profiteering on the backs of Californians.  No more Wall Street corporations treating human beings as commodities.

AB 1331- Data Quality
This bill which has been signed into law by the Governor will improve how criminal justice records are collected, organized and shared to promote greater fairness, reliability, and safety and reduce the harm that can occur when someone's records are incomplete or inaccurate. These errors can prevent people from getting jobs, securing housing or pursuing an education. Better data will also allow us to objectively analyze how our criminal justice system is actually working.

SB 36 – Minimizing Bias in Pretrial Detention
With more counties using risk assessment tools as a means to determine pretrial release, it’s critical that we study these tools to minimize bias based on race, gender, economic circumstances or disability. I was proud to be a principal coauthor with Senator Bob Hertzberg to continue our work to make sure our pretrial criminal justice system is fair and just for all.

housingHousing/Tenant Protections

AB 1482 - Tenant Protections Against Rent-Gouging and Unjust Evictions
We passed and the Governor has signed AB 1482, a landmark legislative victory for tenants in California. It is potentially the most impactful bill for tenants ever passed in the history of the state. And it certainly comes at a critical moment. Our tenants have suffered. Many are living in fear that they are just one rent-gouging increase or one discriminatory, retaliatory, or arbitrary eviction notice away from losing their home. AB 1482 will impact people in a way that is profound. Our homes are where we lay our heads down at night—- where we feel safe and where our families and children feel safe. I'm proud to be a joint author of the bill that provides these powerful and much-needed protections. I'm proud to be a joint author of these powerful and much-needed protections with Assemblymembers David Chiu and Timothy Grayson.


AB 414 - Individual Mandate Penalty 
I’m proud to author AB 414 which has been signed into law by Governor Newsom. It requires the Franchise Tax Board to report to the Legislature on information regarding the Minimum Essential Coverage Individual Mandate, the Individual Shared Responsibility Penalty, and the state financial subsidies paid for health care coverage by March 1, 2022 and each March 1 thereafter.

SB 34 - Medical Cannabis Donations
This new law will ensure that people who are ill and have low incomes can continue to have access to medical cannabis donations. I was proud to coauthor SB 34 by Senator Scott Wiener that will allow compassionate care programs to facilitate donations at licensed retailers.


AB 2 – Free Community College
I’m proud to be joint-authoring AB 2 with Assemblymember Santiago. AB 2, that has been signed into law by the Governor, will help reduce the crushing impact of student debt on so many Californians by making community college tuition free. This is exactly how California should be leading. I'm a proud joint author of AB 2 which will help our students achieve their dreams of going to college and create the skilled workforce of tomorrow that our state's growing economy will demand.

AB 709 – Student Representatives on School Boards
This bill which has been signed into law by the Governor will expand the roles and voices of students serving on school boards by allowing them to also serve on subcommittees, attend governing board functions, and receive all open session materials that other school board members receive.

AB 1505 – Financial Impact of Charter Schools
I joint authored AB 1505 with Assemblymember O’Donnell. AB 1505 is a historic agreement between diverse stakeholders to make necessary and timely reforms to the processes for charter school authorization, appeals, and renewals.  AB 1505, now signed into law by the Governor, creates important local controls by ensuring charter schools are authorized and overseen by school districts and county Offices of Education that best understand the educational needs of local students.

AB 1774 – FAFSA Deadline Extension
AB 1774, now signed into law by the Governor, would allow the California Student Aid Commission to extend an application deadline for up to 30 calendar days for any financial aid program if an event, such as a natural disaster or other qualifying emergency has occurred that may have prevented a student from submitting their financial aid application.

familyImmigrant Protections

ACR 1 - Public Charge Resolution
Assembly Concurrent Resolution 1 pushes back against Trump's full frontal assault on immigrants and his cruel and hateful "public charge" rule. This resolution condemns the expanded definition of "public charge" which basically says if you're old or young, if you're poor, sick, or don't speak English "well enough," then we don't want you. This cruel change in policy makes it harder for immigrants who are trying to realize their own American Dream and may need temporary assistance in the form of health care, housing, or food, from being admitted into the U.S. or applying for a change in their status. There's no doubt this will cause hardship to untold numbers of immigrant families.

gun violenceGun Violence/Safety

AB 1669 - Independent Ammo Vendor License
This smart law closes a security loophole in ammunition sales by ensuring that all firearms and ammunition vendors who conduct business in California are subject to the same licensing and reporting requirements without exception. It also gives law enforcement needed tools to enforce critical gun safety laws and fight against gun violence.

capitolVarious Policy Areas

AB 220 – Campaign Funds for Childcare
AB 220 has been signed into law by Governor Newsom will help create greater gender parity among elected officials in California and more broadly help all parents with young children seek public office by authorizing the use of campaign funds for child care expenses.

AB 212 – County Recording Fees
AB 212, which has been signed into law by Governor Newsom, allows counties to use existing funds from the Micrographics Trust Fund to restore and preserve documents in a secure system such as a cloud-based platform.  Currently, county recorders can only use expensive and outdated microfilm technology.

AB 1191 – Oakland A's Ballpark Development
This legislation will help the Oakland Athletics create a new, privately-financed baseball park at Howard Terminal. Additionally, it will create thousands of new jobs, new public green space, new housing including much-needed affordable housing, new waterfront access - all built at high environmental standards, including LEED Gold certification for the entire project, Net-zero GHG emissions, and 20% transportation efficiency within 1 year of completion.

AB 1705 – Medicare Reimbursement Rates
AB 1705, now signed into law by the Governor, requires the California Department of Health Care Services to create an intergovernmental transfer program (IGT) for public agencies that provide emergency medical transportation services, which would allow those public agencies to leverage federal dollars to offset the cost of providing emergency medical transportation services.

AB 1748 – Flight Crew CFRA Eligibility
AB 1748 is a common-sense measure that would allow thousands of California flight crew workers access to the benefits provided by the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). Because of their unique work schedules and circumstances, flight crew members are not currently entitled to the same protections as other workers.  AB 1748, that's now been signed into law by Governor Newsom, closes this coverage gap in the CFRA. During a period of family or medical leave, flight crew members should not be worrying about being uninsured. This bill will allow flight crew members to focus on their families.

AB 857 - Public Banks
This new law I co-authored with Assemblymember Chiu allows local governments to form public banks so that funds can be reinvested in our communities to address local needs rather than pad the shareholder profits of Wall Street banks.

votingElections and Voting Access

AB 849 – Local Redistricting Reform
My Fair Maps Act increases transparency and ensures that everyone's voice can be heard in their local government. AB 849 specifically addresses the drawing of local electoral districts and reduces the risk of political gerrymandering that limits community voices, especially the voices of disadvantaged communities and communities of color. This bill has now been signed into law by the Governor.

These bills reflect our California values and good policy. 

Thank you for the privilege of serving you!





Rob Bonta
Assemblymember, 18th District

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