2019 Legislative Package

Assemblymember Bonta 2019 Leg Agenda justice iconCriminal Justice Reform

AB 32 Ending the Use of Private Prisons
A company that’s traded on Wall Street will inherently be incentivized to maximize profits and minimize costs. They have a duty to shareholders, not to California. It’s time we redirect our criminal justice system to value and prioritize effective prison rehabilitation programs, which will help minimize recidivism rates and maximize successes for inmates upon their reentry into society.

AB 33 Private Prisons Divestment
AB 33 will statutorily require both CalSTRS and CalPERS to fully strip holdings in for-profit, private prisons. In California, we put our money where our values are.

AB 732 Pregnancy Protections in Jails
Existing protections for the treatment of inmates who are pregnant in state prisons do not currently extend to county jails. California’s county jails do not provide adequate care to pregnant inmates during and after pregnancy. This bill would help ensure that county jails have dignified and compassionate reproductive healthcare for pregnant inmates before, during, and after birth.

AB 972 Court Records Modification
AB 972 will help thousands of Californians turn a page in their lives by removing barriers to housing, employment, and education. AB 972 will make government work more effectively for the people by automatically modifying criminal records.

AB 1331 Data Quality
This bill seeks to change how data is collected and organized through changes in criminal records.  The bill will facilitate the collection and use of accurate criminal data to ensure fair criminal outcomes.

ACA 6 – Voting Rights for Californians on Parole
I’m proud to co-author ACA 6 which would restore voting rights for Californians on parole. After paying their debt to society, people have a right and obligation to contribute to society. Part of building a productive life includes becoming civically engaged and exercising the fundamental right to vote.

AB 1636 Overcharging Convictions
AB 1636 will reduce incentives for prosecutors to overcharge someone accused in a criminal proceeding, which can lead to higher bail schedules and leveraged plea deals.

Assemblymember Bonta 2019 Leg Agenda housing iconHousing/Tenant Protections

AB 1481 Just Cause
The housing crisis is more than an issue of supply and affordability. We must do more to stop unjust evictions that threaten the estimated 17 million Californians who rent the place they call home. My Just Cause legislation will extend fair protections that are badly needed to keep a roof over our neighbors’ heads by ensuring that renters are only evicted for fair and just reasons and not retaliatory, arbitrary, or discriminatory reasons.

AB 10 - Low Income Housing Tax Credit Increase
AB 10 would create 5,000 new affordable housing units each year for low-income Californians. The bill increases funding for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) by $500M. When coupled with federal tax credits, this will generate permanent funding of $2 billion a year to help solve one of our state’s most pressing problems. I’m proud to joint author this measure with Assemblymember Chiu.

AB 246 Statewide Surplus Lands
I’m joint authoring AB 246 with Assemblymembers Mathis and Gipson that will allow local governments to lease surplus state property for $1 per month to create temporary emergency housing or homeless food assistance. A bill I authored last year made this solution available in Oakland and now we want to make this innovative policy available statewide.

Assemblymember Bonta 2019 Leg Agenda health iconHealth

AB 4 - Health for All
AB 4 will extend Medi-Cal coverage to undocumented children when they turn 19. I firmly believe that health care is a right, not a privilege; for all, not the few. This bill, joint authored by Assemblymembers Arambula and Chiu, will bring us closer to realizing our vision of health care for all in California.

AB 414 Individual Mandate
I’m proud to author AB 414 which requires Californians to carry at least the minimum level of health coverage to make Covered California stronger, ensure more Californians benefit from health care coverage, and make health care more affordable.

AB 764 Sugary Beverages Promotion Pricing
Drinking soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages, like sports drinks, energy drinks, and sweet teas, contribute to a number of very serious health problems, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity. AB 764 will stop soda companies from offering promotional pricing to their distributors or retailers which often results in soda being cheaper than water.  This bill is part of a package of bills to fight Big Soda and reverse these dire health trends.

Assemblymember Bonta 2019 Leg Agenda education iconEducation

AB 2 – Free Community College
I’m proud to be joint-authoring AB 2 with Assemblymember Santiago that would make college more affordable and accessible by making the second year of community college tuition free. Not only will it help our students, it will also aid California in meeting its future workforce demands and keep our state the world’s innovation leader.

AB 1505 – Financial Impact of Charter Schools
I’m joint authoring AB 1505 with Assemblymember O’Donnell which would allow school districts to consider the fiscal, facilities, and academic impacts on the school district when considering new charter school petitions. This bill will not close charter schools. It will ensure that school board members who are elected by the voters and who know the needs of their schools the best be able to consider the fiscal impact on their students and district when considering whether to approve a new charter school.

AB 123, 124, 125 Early Childhood Education
I’m a joint author with Assemblymember McCarty on the Pre-K for All Legislative Package. These three pieces of legislation are each designed to make high-quality preschool programs universally accessible for 3 and 4-year-old children across California. Unfortunately, too many kids enter kindergarten unprepared for school and, sadly, many will never catch up. We must change that and we will.

AB 1774 – FAFSA Deadline Extension
AB 1774 would allow the California Student Aid Commission to extend an application deadline for up to 30 calendar days for any financial aid program if an event, such as a natural disaster or other qualifying emergency has occurred that may have prevented a student from submitting their financial aid application.

AB 331 – Ethnic Studies Curriculum
I’m proud to once again joint author AB 331 with Assemblymember Medina that will require Ethnic Studies curriculum in our high schools. Academic performance improves and graduation rates increase for students who take ethnic studies courses. It is important to see history represented in a way that is complete, fair and accurate. AB 331 is an important step to recognize our lived history.

Assemblymember Bonta 2019 Leg Agenda immigration iconImmigrant Protections

AB 1332 Sanctuary Contracting
AB 1332 would bar California cities and counties from contracting with companies that provide ICE and Border Patrol with data on, or "extreme vetting" of residents, or assist those agencies in immigrant detention or deportation. The bill also bars cities and states from investing in those companies. California has a moral obligation to protect its residents from persecution.

ACR 1 Public Charge Resolution
Assembly Concurrent Resolution 1 opposes the federal government’s proposed changes to the immigration policy known as “public charge.” This policy basically says, “if you’re young, if you’re old, if you’re sick, if you’re poor, or if you don’t speak English, we don’t want you.” The proposed regulations run contrary to California’s values that recognize the value of supporting and welcoming immigrant communities to our state.

Assemblymember Bonta 2019 Leg Agenda cannabis reform iconCannabis Reform

AB 286 Cannabis Tax Reform
The illegal market continues to undercut those businesses that are complying with state regulations and doing the right thing. AB 286 will temporarily reduce the tax burden on these licensed operators to keep customers at licensed businesses and help ensure the regulated market survives and thrives.

Assemblymember Bonta 2019 Leg Agenda firearms iconGun Violence/Safety

AB 1669 Independent Ammo Vendor License
AB 1669 will promote greater public safety and create uniform enforcement for all ammunition vendors. Currently, existing regulations under Proposition 63 appropriately regulate for firearms dealers who also sell ammunition, but independent ammunition vendors do not receive the same scrutiny. AB 1669 would remove this discrepancy.

AB 18 - Semi-automatic Weapons Tax
AB 18 would place a tax on semi-automatic gun sales and use the money for programs to prevent violence. California has tough guns laws, but we need to enhance violence prevention initiatives to the same strong level. I’m proud to co-author this bill with Assemblymember Levine.

SB 61– One Gun Purchase Per Month
We must take all common-sense and effective steps to prevent gun tragedies. Today’s semi-automatic guns are more powerful and more lethal which is why I’m proud to join Senator Portantino as a co-author to expand the current one gun a month purchase from handguns only to all guns, including long guns.

Assemblymember Bonta 2019 Leg Agenda capitol iconGender Equity

AB 220 – Campaign Funds for Childcare
AB 220 would help create greater gender parity among elected officials in California and more broadly help all parents with young children seek public office by authorizing the use of campaign funds for child care expenses.

AB 628 – Safe Days for Sexual Harassment
AB 2366 would give survivors of sexual harassment the ability to access job protected leave or accommodations, currently made available for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. Additionally, the bill would allow family members to access these same protections in order to support a loved one has experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking and/or domestic violence.

Assemblymember Bonta 2019 Leg Agenda elections iconElections and Voting Access

AB 849 – Local Redistricting Reform
AB 849 is a paradigm-shifting bill that will transform how we conduct local redistricting. It provides vulnerable communities, who've long been silenced and excluded, the right to be heard in the redistricting process and to maintain their collective power, rather than be divided. 

AB 1391 – Language Access in Voting
Despite California’s large limited-English proficient population, only 3% of voters have chosen a non-English language ballot preference. AB 1391 creates greater awareness of multilingual voting materials and helps more Californians become active in our democracy!

Assemblymember Bonta 2019 Leg Agenda earth iconClimate Change

AB 966 Clean Cement
Climate change is an existential threat. Cement production worldwide accounts for 5% of total GHG emissions. AB 966 will help make cement cleaner in California by requiring companies to measure and report their emissions.

These bills reflect our California values and good policy. I’d be honored to have your support on any or all of the bills. Support from the public and organizations is critical to getting a bill passed. Please submit your support using the form below or at this link: https://calegislation.lc.ca.gov/Advocates/

Thank you for the privilege of serving you!


Rob Bonta
Rob Bonta
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