National Black History Month

February is National African American/Black History Month, a time to reflect on the experiences, history, and culture of black America and its’ importance to America’s history.

The theme for this year’s observation is “The Crisis in Black Education.

American education is in crisis. And public schools, especially those populated by black and brown children in urban communities, are bearing the brunt.

We know that the foundation and fuel of American innovation and achievement is a quality education, which leads to opportunity, earning potential, healthier communities, and a stronger nation. And every parent, regardless of race, nationality, or economic status, wants their child to have the best possible education.

We cannot rely on private and charter schools.  Too few spots for too many students, leaving the vast majority behind. I am sure you agree with me on the importance of keeping and improving our public school system. This is the only true way in we can address the crisis in black education.