Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing

Talk Read SingStudies show by age three, eighty percent of a child's brain is developed, and by age four, children from more affluent backgrounds hear 30 million more words than kids from low-income homes. By providing our children with high quality educational experiences in their early years, we are working to close the achievement gap and improve learning for the child's entire academic career.

While I have authored and supported early childhood legislation to support child development, including AB 1902 and AB 876 I am proud to have helped launch the "Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing" program in Oakland. Talking, reading, and singing to a baby or young child are the simplest ways to help improve their learning and development. The program provides parents and families tools for using everyday activities as an opportunity to help their child develop.

Specifically, "Talk, Read, Sing" has partnered with local retailer, Oaklandish, to create a baby clothing line with simple conversation starters that will be given away free of charge to new parents at more than 15 locations throughout Oakland, including hospitals, family playgrounds, and pediatric clinics. The program also features billboards and bus shelter ads to remind parents that talking to children about anything can help with their development.

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