California Budget Reflects East Bay and Golden State Values

This week, my colleagues and I in the Legislature passed a balanced, fiscally responsible Budget that reflects California’s core Democratic values. I'm especially excited that the Budget we sent the Governor includes some great wins for the 18th Assembly District, while also building a better future for our entire state. Here are a few ways this year’s Budget benefits our District and our State: 

Creating An Affordable California For All

Affordable housing

The Budget helps create an affordable California for all, where housing is not a privilege for a select few, by setting aside more than $400 million to build affordable housing. 

Investing In A Strong Start For Our Children

The Budget invests in schools and early childhood education by increasing child care and preschool funding by over $530 million, funding nearly 9,000 full day preschool slots, incentivizing school districts to provide full day Kindergarten, and ensuring that more schoolchildren have access to a healthy breakfast. 

The Budget allocates $3 billion through the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) to provide additional resources for low-income, English Learner students, and foster children. In addition, the Budget invests $35 million in recruitment and training to address our statewide teacher shortage.

Fighting Poverty And Income Inequality

Lifting children out of poverty

The Budget fights poverty and income inequality by implementing one of the strongest minimum wage increases in the nation, repealing the Maximum Family Grant that punishes children born into poverty, and continuing the successful implementation of California’s first Earned Income Tax Credit.

Building Safer Communities

The Budget provides almost $1 million to Oakland to grow a diverse, inclusive, culturally competent and well-trained police department, to strengthen relationships between the community and law enforcement, and to reduce crime. Additionally, the Budget provides $10 million for Proposition 47 programs, $10 million for human trafficking prevention grants, $5.5 million for restorative justice, $5 million for implicit bias training, $5 million to remove guns from the hands of criminals, and $2.5 million for community college inmate education.

Strengthening Pathways To Success

UC Funding

The Budget makes important investments to expand college opportunity for all Californians by providing an additional $235 million to CSU, increasing UC funding by $190 million, and providing $200 million to expand career technical education programs in community colleges. The Budget dedicates $200 million in one-time Proposition 98 funding to establish the College Readiness Block Grant program to better prepare disadvantaged students to enter college.

Safeguarding Against Economic Downturns

State Reserve Buildup

The Budget includes smart investments and builds the most robust state reserve in 30 years. The Budget places an additional $2 billion into the state Rainy Day Fund, for a total of $6.7 billion, and raises state regular reserves to $1.9 billion.

Fostering Healthy Communities

The Budget strengthens our state’s ongoing commitment to making health care accessible to all by expanding support to community-based primary care training programs with a significant investment of $100 million to increase access to care in medically underserved areas of the state.

Protecting Our Environment And Communities

The Budget protects our environment and communities by providing $334.5 million to respond to California’s drought, advancing the human right to water with $10 million for clean water in our schools, and strengthening efforts to reduce adverse environmental impacts in the most vulnerable communities in California.

Supporting California’s Small Businesses

The Budget provides $1.5 million to Small Business Development Centers to support and strengthen small businesses by providing them with technical assistance and access to capital.

I look forward to building on the progress of this year’s Budget to ensure East Bay residents and all Californians realize the Golden State dream!