HR 66 – Defend DACA: Petition

Defend DACA


We stand shoulder to shoulder in support of our DREAMers and in strong condemnation of the cruel, heartless and morally-bankrupt decision by the President to end DACA.

For that reason, I stood up to speak in support of House Resolution 66 that supports our DREAMers and calls for Congress to pass protections for these promising young people and pass comprehensive immigration reform. To read HR 66, click here.  

Add your name in support of HR 66 to send a powerful message to Congress.

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Our DREAMers came to America-- and many came to California-- with no control over that decision.  And since they have come here, they have made America and California stronger and better! They’ve gone to school here and graduated from college and grad school. They’ve started businesses here. They’ve served in the military and fought for our country. They’ve held jobs that have helped to drive our economy forward. And they’ve paid their taxes in the process.

They are American in every way except on paper!

Our DREAMers belong here!  We must stand up for them, protect them and defend them with everything that we have here in California.

While the future of DACA is uncertain, here in California, we are going to continue to do what we do-- Lead! We will stand up for our people and defend them with all of our might!