Making Sure All Californians Count!

AB1726California is one of the most diverse states in our nation, and the East Bay is one of the most diverse regions in California. Our diversity is a point of pride and a reason for celebration—it makes us stronger as we continue to move forward, together.

As Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month comes to a close, I want to highlight my efforts to embrace and uplift California's API community of more than 30 different ethnicities.

While we share many of the same challenges related to language access, racial discrimination, and the immigrant experience, each diverse community faces their own unique challenges as well – from differences in college graduation rates and time to completion, to different disease and mortality rates.

That's why I introduced AB 1726, the AHEAD Act, to meet the needs of all Californians. The AHEAD Act requires that institutions of higher learning and public health agencies, separate out the data for more API ethnicities–this data is vital to making sound policy decisions and doing our job as public servants.

The data provided by the AHEAD Act will save lives, improve educational outcomes and provide new opportunities both in the doctor's office as well as in the classroom.

With accurate, disaggregated data, we will have a clearer picture of who requires assistance, be better positioned to provide needed support for community members who have been left behind, and, together, create a stronger California.

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