October 2016 District Report

Dear Friends,

I'm thrilled to tell you about our successful results for the people of Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro and all of California. All of my bills that reached the governor's desk this year were signed into law. We protected patients from surprise medical bills. We helped create more affordable housing. We strengthened our gun laws to ensure firearms don't end up in the wrong hands. We took on Big Tobacco and made California healthier. We recommitted to saving our planet and protecting the environment. We fought to protect survivors of human trafficking. We won the fight for $15/hour minimum wage, and we secured $530 million for more preschool access and more money to allow more California students to go to CSU and UC schools. Read on!

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Assemblymember Rob Bonta

Surprise Medical Bills


Medical bills


AB 72 is a huge win for California consumers. With the signing of AB 72, patients will be protected from paying surprise medical bills when they do everything correctly by staying within their health network when they seek medical care. No patient should pay for a surprise bill or be forced into bankruptcy because of a complicated and unfair medical billing system. 

TRUTH Act - I want to thank the governor and our sponsors on AB 2792, the TRUTH Act, for their commitment to protecting California immigrants and creating greater trust and transparency with law enforcement. Local police should not be burdened with becoming federal immigration agents and families should not be torn apart under a broken and misguided federal immigration system.

Ahead act


AHEAD Act - Governor Brown signed my AHEAD Act (AB 1726) which addresses a very important need within our Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities. Many ethnic subgroups within the API community are falling behind with respect to health outcomes and our policy makers haven't had detailed, accurate data to address these disparities. AB 1726 requires the state health department to disaggregate (or break in to smaller pieces) data for specified ethnic subgroups. The new data will give the state a better understanding of the needs of each of these API subgroups. And in addition, the UC and CSU systems, working closely with our office, have committed to also releasing disaggregated educational data to help us understand API admissions and graduation rates. Having good data will help us create better policy, and help us uplift ALL of our API communities!

Human Trafficking - AB 2498 shields human trafficking survivors and their immediate family members from having their private information made public. AB 2498 will also help speed up the wheels of justice. Let’s face it, human trafficking is modern-day slavery and we need to catch and punish the exploiters behind it and rescue and protect the survivors.

Medical Cannabis – We passed important legislation in AB2679 that provides medical cannabis manufacturers with clear standards and protections while creating critical medicine for patients. AB 2679 will also allow the University of California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research to study the physical effects of cannabis on people’s motor skills.


Gun Violence


We fought the gun lobby and won, thereby creating common sense laws to make it a crime to falsely report a gun being stolen, to prohibit the possession of high-capacity magazines, to limit loaning guns to only family members, and closing the gun button loophole to prevent rapid reloading.

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The District Awards Ceremony is truly one of my favorite nights of the year. We honor incredible people and organizations who are dedicated to creating positive change in our communities. They are an inspiration! Take a look at our 2nd annual District Awards recipients! A big thank you to the 21st Amendment Brewery in San Leandro for hosting us and to the Alameda Firefighters IAFF Local 55 for your continued support and for cooking us a great meal!


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Farm Worker Overtime


They perform back-breaking work in the harshest conditions to put food on our tables. We passed overtime for farmworkers! See why this law means so much to me.

Big Tobacco

We made California healthier by raising the smoking age from 18 to 21 and by regulating e-cigarettes like regular cigarettes

Minimum Wage

We won the "Fight for $15" to raise the minimum wage.

Climate Change

We recommitted to the boldest, most aggressive environmental policy agenda to save our planet.

Education - We directed massive investments in early childhood education for more preschool access, as well as additional money to allow more California students to attend CSU and UC schools.

Affordable Housing


affordable housing




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I’m proud to represent the great cities of Oakland, San Leandro, and Alameda in the state Assembly! I authored three bills addressing each of their top legislative priorities. I’m very pleased to report that all three bills were signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown this month.

AB 2031 will help Oakland and other municipalities by providing them with another tool to help finance affordable housing to help meet the housing crisis.

AB 2737 will help the residents of San Leandro hold the Eden Township Healthcare District accountable to fulfill its obligation to provide much-needed health care programs and stop its wasteful spending.

Finally, AB 366 will give Alameda residents the opportunity to make crucial decisions on funding valuable city services like public safety, parks, libraries, and infrastructure reinvestment.

I’m very proud to have great partners in each of these cities and to be able to deliver positive results.


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Our Boys and Men of Color – I’m proud to chair the Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color (BMoC). On September 13, we conducted a field hearing at CSU Bakersfield to listen and learn about transforming outcomes for BMoC. For this briefing, the Select Committee focused on health equity and the discussion highlighted opportunities for BMoC in our schools, and for those reentering our communities from the criminal justice system. You can see the passion we feel about this topic by watching some of the hearing.



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