Bail Reform Leads Powerful List of Bonta Bills Advancing to Assembly Floor Vote

Friday, May 26, 2017

SACRAMENTO – The Assembly Appropriations Committee today passed nine powerful bills by Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D- Oakland).

“I’m extremely pleased the Assembly Appropriations Committee sees the value of reforming California’s unjust money bail system,” said Bonta.  “Money bail discriminates against the poor and deprives liberty to people who have not been convicted of any crime. The resulting human toll is enormous. People face losing their jobs, homes, cars, and even their children simply because they cannot afford to pay bail,” said Bonta.

“Our legislative package is driven by the values of Justice, Inclusion, Equity and Opportunity,” said Bonta. “We are advocating for vulnerable communities, protecting the environment, fighting human trafficking, defending rights for students and making state government more transparent.”

Legislation approved by the Appropriations Committee

AB 42 Bail Reform – AB 42 will fundamentally reform California’s money bail system to create more justice, safety and fiscal responsibility. The current system is unjust, unfair, inhumane and fundamentally broken.  It punishes poor people for being poor.  It determines liberty based on the size of one's wallet instead of the size of one's risk. 

AB 3 Public Defender Training – AB 3 will keep families together by preventing avoidable deportations. This bill requires the Department of Social Services (DSS) to issue grants to provide legal training and assistance to public defenders, or other specified entities that provide legal services, on issues relating to the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

AB 262 Green Building – AB 262 “Buy Clean California” will require the state, UC and CSU systems to use certain green building products on state infrastructure projects. This bill is supported by a coalition of business, labor and environmental groups and will go a long way toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions and maintaining California’s climate leadership.

AB 1479 Public Records – AB 1479 will bring Californians closer to their local and state government by creating greater transparency and responsiveness. It will make it easier for people to access public records and address the issue of public agencies improperly withholding public records. AB 1479 will require public agencies to designate a custodian of records who will respond to the public about a decision by an agency to deny a request for records. It will also authorize a court to assess a civil penalty against an agency if it finds that an agency improperly withheld a public record.

AB 1227 Human Trafficking – AB 1227 requires public schools to offer education and training on human trafficking identification and prevention in order to keep children from being exploited for labor or sex. Training our teachers to identify human trafficking is crucial to eradicating this terrible crime from our state. AB 1227 will ensure children identified as victims of human trafficking are provided with the services they need.

AB 1320 Private Prisons – AB 1320 will end the renewal of state government contracts with out-of-state private, for-profit prisons and completely phase out their future use. As a for-profit corporation, these companies have a fiduciary duty to maximize their profits for their shareholders. AB 1320 will begin to redirect our criminal justice system to value and prioritize effective rehabilitative programs, which will minimize recidivism rates and maximize successes for inmates upon their reentry into society.

AB 1360 Student Equity – AB 1360 ensures California’s charter school students will be protected from discriminatory admissions policies and will be afforded due process in suspension and expulsion proceedings.  AB 1360 has brought stakeholders from both sides of the debate together to protect all students regardless of academic performance, family circumstances, where they were born, or the language they speak from discrimination in any publicly-funded school.

AB 918 Voting Language Access – AB 918 provides stronger language assistance in voting for limited-English proficient voters.   As the state with the most immigrants and the most limited-English voters, California has an obligation to be on the leading edge of providing greater language assistance in elections. AB 918 is a common sense method to ensure all citizens can fully participate in our democracy.

AB 64 Cannabis Policy – AB 64 delivers a comprehensive set of common sense policies to strengthen community safety. It helps law enforcement crack-down on impaired drivers, limits outdoor advertising, provides greater access for medical patients and contains other regulatory provisions that  protect public safety, consumers and businesses.

Assemblymember Rob Bonta represents the 18th Assembly District, which includes Oakland, Alameda, and San Leandro and is the Assistant Majority Leader and Chair of the Asian Pacific Islander (API) Legislative Caucus.