Budget Reflects Values and Responsible Spending

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dear Friends,

Today, my colleagues and I delivered another on-time, balanced budget that invests in our people and reflects responsible spending aligned with ‘Our California Values.’ I’m proud to share with you some highlights. This budget will:

  • Secure a successful future for our young people by increasing K-12 spending
  • Open more doors for our California students to attend college and continue developing the world’s most creative and innovative workforce
  • Address income inequality and help lift Californians out of poverty by expanding the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Improve access to quality healthcare for Californians in need using Prop 56 revenue
  • Responsibly plan for a secure financial future for our state by growing our ‘Rainy Day Fund’ to $12.4 billion by 2020-2021

We’ve come such a long way from the days when even a small economic downturn would mean painful budget cuts.  This $125 billion budget not only increases investments in our people and our state, it puts California in a strong position for the future with $9.9 billion in total reserves.

Let’s take a closer look at this budget.

We’re investing in our children’s future by increasing Prop 98 K-12 school spending by $3.2 billion over adjusted current year levels.

We’re restoring full dental services in 2017-2018 and optical services in 2019-2020 because high-quality healthcare is a right for everyone.

We’re adding $25 million to increase access to child care and preschool for low income families to get our children off to a strong early start in life.

We’re helping more families afford to send their children to college by maintaining the Middle Class Scholarship.

We’re investing $5 million to allow an additional 2,000 students to enroll at the UC and $20.5 million at the CSU to further increase enrollment. (My ultimate goal is for every California student who wants to attend public higher education to be able to do so tuition free.  That fight continues and is alive and well.)

We’re adding $31 million for ongoing funds for children in foster care to meet their full potential and succeed.

We’re providing an additional $30 million to assist with immigration related services. A portion of that funding will help fund my bill, AB 3, for technical assistance and training for defense counsel to help prevent avoidable deportations.

We’re protecting some of our most vulnerable Californians by allocating $15 million for homeless youth programs and services to victims of human trafficking.

I was proud to help craft this balanced budget and vote yes on it.  It will protect the accomplishments we’ve recently made, prepare us to make additional progress across our state, and responsibly position the Golden State in the event of another economic downturn.

I’m confident the people of our district and our great state will be well served by this budget. 

Thank you for allowing me the honor and privilege to represent you in the State Assembly.


Rob Bonta

Assemblymember, 18th District