Bail Reform

Assemblyman Bonta bail reform bills AB 42 and SB 10

Our journey to reform California’s money bail system continues with great momentum and it received a big boost recently. But we still need your help to make it happen!

Governor Jerry Brown and California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye recently announced an unprecedented commitment to partner with us in creating reform that enhances public safety and ensures equal justice. We are very grateful to them for joining us!

The current money bail system is fundamentally broken. For too long, it has created unfair damaging impacts on poor communities and communities of color. The current money bail system has not made us safer or lowered the numbers of failures to appear.  In fact, California does poorly in these two areas compared to other states.

I appeared on MSNBC's The Beat With Ari Melber on August 23rd to talk about our movement to pass bail reform in California. Please share if you agree we need bail reform in California.

Our bail reform bills, AB 42 and SB 10, that I have authored with my partner and friend Senator Bob Hertzberg, create a win-win-win:  (1) enhanced Public Safety for the community because decisions will be made based on the amount of risk an individual poses as opposed to the amount of money in their pocket; (2) justice for individuals who will no longer be discriminated against simply for being poor; and (3) a savings, and more prudent expenditure, of valuable public tax dollars.

Similar reform has already been successfully adopted in other jurisdictions like Washington DC, New Jersey and Kentucky. It's time California catches up with others who are doing this right and reclaims our traditional, rightful role as a national and world policy leader.

Join our movement for greater justice and enhanced public safety
by adding your name to the growing list of supporters of bail reform!

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