Bonta Introduces California Zero-Emissions Buildings Act to Harness Clean Heating Fuels in the Fight Against Climate Change

Friday, February 16, 2018

AB 3001 paves the way to swap out fossil fuels with clean energy to heat California’s homes and businesses 

SACRAMENTO - Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D- Oakland) introduced AB 3001 today to build on California’s leadership in combating climate change by growing the marketplace for clean, renewable heating systems. While California has made great strides in reducing the carbon footprint of its electricity supply, most homes and businesses still rely on natural gas – a fossil fuel – for space and water heating.

In response, AB 3001 offers a multipronged strategy to knock down regulatory barriers and align the state’s building and energy codes with California’s ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals.

“California is the global epicenter for clean energy,” said Assemblymember Bonta. “But renewable electricity is only half the equation in our building stock. AB 3001 lays the groundwork to jumpstart the marketplace to make our renewable electricity go further by using it to heat homes and buildings across our state, while adding jobs in the booming clean energy economy.”

“Heating California’s homes and buildings emits more carbon than all in-state power plants” added Pierre Delforge, Senior Scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council. “Laying the building blocks to transition to cleaner heating systems will reduce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality in our communities, and enhance public safety.”