Major Legislation Passes Assembly Appropriations Committee, Including AB 32 to End Use of For-Profit, Private Prisons in California

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – The Assembly Appropriations Committee today passed key legislation by Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) that would end the use of for-profit, private prisons in California.

“I’m extremely pleased to see AB 32 pass the Assembly Appropriations Committee. A company that’s traded on Wall Street will inherently be incentivized to maximize profits and minimize costs. They have a duty to shareholders, not to California.,“ said Bonta. “It’s time we redirect our criminal justice system to value and prioritize effective prison rehabilitation programs, which will help minimize recidivism rates and maximize successes for inmates upon their reentry into society.”

AB 32 would prohibit the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation from entering into a contract or renewing a contract with a for-profit, private prison facility located in or outside of the state, on or after January 1, 2020, and completely phase out their use by 2028. The bill now moves to the Assembly Floor for a vote.

Additional Key Legislation Approved by the Assembly Appropriations Committee

AB 4 – #Health4All

“AB 4 will extend Medi-Cal coverage to undocumented children when they turn 19. I firmly believe that health care is a right, not a privilege; for all, not the few. This bill will bring us closer to realizing our vision of health care for all in California.”

AB 764  – Promotional Pricing of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

“Drinking soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages, like sports drinks, energy drinks, and sweet teas, contribute to a number of very serious health problems, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity. AB 764 will stop soda companies from offering promotional pricing to their distributors or retailers which often results in soda being cheaper than water.”

AB 1191 – Oakland A’s Ballpark, Affordable Housing Development

“AB 1191 supports construction of a privately-financed, environmentally superior ballpark for the Oakland A’s while creating thousands of good, union jobs and more affordable housing.”

AB 849 – Local Redistricting Reform
“AB 849 is a paradigm-shifting bill that will transform how we conduct local redistricting. It provides vulnerable communities, who've long been silenced and excluded, the right to be heard in the redistricting process.”

AB 1391 – Language Access in Voting
“Despite California’s large limited-English proficient population, only 3% of voters have chosen a non-English language ballot preference. AB 1391 creates greater awareness of multilingual voting materials and helps more people engage in our democracy.”

AB 1331 – Data Quality

“I’m pleased to see AB 1331 pass the Appropriations Committee. This bill seeks to change how data is collected and organized through changes in criminal records.  The bill will facilitate the collection and use of accurate criminal data to ensure fair criminal outcomes. It also establishes the infrastructure needed to implement AB 972 in the future.”

Legislation Held by the Assembly Appropriations Committee

AB 972 - Prop 47 Record Modifications

“While AB 972 will not be implemented this year, lawmakers are still committed to carry out the will of the people as expressed in the passage of Proposition 47.  I will continue to push for the best policy and advocate for the funding necessary to help more than a million Californians receive the record modifications they’re entitled to in order to realize greater access to critical components of life like jobs and housing.”

AB 286 - Cannabis Tax Reform

“I’m disappointed that AB 286 has been held. We continue to see the need for cannabis tax reform. The illicit market continues to undercut those businesses that are complying with state regulations and doing the right thing. AB 286 would have temporarily reduced the tax burden on these licensed operators to keep customers at licensed businesses in order to ensure the regulated market survives and thrives. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing the results of the Legislative Analyst’s Office report evaluating Proposition 64’s tax structure. We must also prioritize cracking down on the illicit market through strong and sustained enforcement.”

AB 1332 - Sanctuary Contracts
“AB 1332 would have barred California state and local governments from contracting with companies that assist ICE and Border Patrol with data tracking, detention or deportation of immigrants. California has a moral obligation to protect its residents from persecution.”

Assemblymember Rob Bonta represents the 18th Assembly District, which includes the cities of Oakland, Alameda, and San Leandro and is the Assistant Majority Leader.