Community Update on Grand Princess Cruise Ship Disembarking Process in Oakland

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

I want to provide an update on the Grand Princess cruise ship disembarkation operation at the Port of Oakland. 

The Grand Princess arrived into the Port of Oakland yesterday (Monday) at noon.

Monday’s work by federal and state authorities went according to plan. 

All of the priority medical patients were safely taken from the ship and have been taken to various regional hospitals, including facilities in Alameda County, and as far away as the Sacramento area. The disembarkation, transportation, and ongoing care of these patients is being conducted with the most updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on best practices for isolation, containment, quarantine and separation to avoid any exposure to the general public. 

173 U.S. residents were safely disembarked and 149 were taken by bus to Travis Air Force Base in Solano County.  State and federal teams say they were not able to take as many passengers off the ship as they had hoped yesterday, but they say they will be prioritizing getting all California passengers off the ship today.

34 Canadian passengers were taken off the ship and assessed by separate Canadian medical teams.  Two of those patients needed medical treatment at regional hospitals. The remaining passengers have been flown by charter aircraft back home to Canada. Again, the disembarkation, transportation, and ongoing care of these passengers is being conducted with the most updated, best practices for isolation, containment, quarantine and separation to avoid any exposure to the general public.

The California Office of Emergency Services is working to ensure that medical patients are treated at a wide distribution of hospitals so no one particular area’s medical infrastructure is overstressed.

Our office learned Monday that Princess Cruise Lines signed a contract with ILWU workers to help remove luggage from the ship. Those workers received full personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves, masks, face shields and protective suits.  They were never in close proximity to the ship’s passengers. 

Worker safety and public health will remain top priorities as California and the federal government work together to help people safely exit the ship and directly transfer to quarantine areas outside of Alameda County.

And once the passengers are safely taken off the ship, the crew will remain on board and the Grand Princess will depart Oakland so the crew can continue receiving medical care in another location. 

Finally, when the operation has concluded, the remote site of the Port of Oakland will receive a full cleaning/scrubbing to ensure public health and public safety.

I appreciate the caution, cooperation, and compassion that’s been displayed as we welcome the passengers, many of whom are Californians, back home.

I will keep you informed as I receive new updates.