Grand Princess Operation in Oakland Entering Final Phase

Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Grand Princess operation in Oakland is now entering the final phase.

As of this morning, 1963 people have been disembarked. All Californians are now off the ship! An additional 511 people were taken off the ship yesterday. State officials believe another 476 will be assisted off the ship by end of the day today.  This will conclude the more challenging part of the operation. The vast majority of the crew will remain quarantined on the ship.

The Governor announced this morning that the ship will stay in port through Sunday. This decision was made in consultation with Oakland city leaders who deemed this would be appropriate and safe. This will help to continue the effort to safely and securely repatriate some of the additional crew members to their home countries.

Additional details that are important to share: Of the 36 people sent to regional hospitals, 8 remain hospitalized. For those patients who were released into secure quarantine, their evaluations showed they were in better health. The state has acquired use of two secure sites for non-military quarantine operations. One is Asilomar State Park because it has substantial facilities and the other location is a 120 room hotel in San Carlos that's being used by the government exclusively for quarantined passengers.

All passengers have been or will be tested. The state announced today that some additional people from the Grand Princess beyond the original 21 have tested positive and that number will be released once all the results are received.

I’ll continue to pass along confirmed information as I receive it.

Thanks to everyone for your concern, caution and compassion!