Grand Princess Community Update for Friday, 3/13/20

Friday, March 13, 2020

Hello again,

Here is my latest update on the Grand Princess operation underway at the Port of Oakland.

As of Friday, March 13, 2020, all American passengers have been taken off the ship and placed in secure quarantine locations on several military bases or two non-military locations (Asilomar State Park in Monterey County and a hotel in San Carlos that’s being used exclusively for quarantine purposes with no interaction with the general public). As I previously shared, a few passengers were admitted to regional hospitals earlier this week.

 A small number of international passengers (15) are in the process of being repatriated to their home countries this weekend.

The Port of Oakland operation will now focus on the ship’s crew. I know many of you have been concerned about how they’re doing and I’m happy to share that many of the 1068 crew members will now be disembarked and placed directly onto charter flights so they can safely return home to their countries. This is a new and positive development. It makes good sense to repatriate these crew members who are NOT known to be infected using all the same medical and safety procedures that have been implemented to keep anyone on the ship from coming in contact with members of the general public. Among the crew members is a large group from the Philippines. The plan is to have them, along with the 15 remaining passengers (9 of whom are from the Philippines and 6 are from other countries in the region), board charter flights on Saturday and Sunday to return home.

I’m also very happy to share that all of the 19 crew members who tested positive for the coronavirus are medically stable and “doing well”. They are and will remain under the care of the ship’s medical staff.
A minimal number of crew members will also stay aboard to maintain the ship’s operations as the Grand Princess departs from the Port of Oakland. This is expected to take place on Monday morning. The ship will anchor in San Francisco Bay. San Francisco is the Grand Princess’ home port. While in the Bay, the remaining crew will continue their 14 day quarantine.

Once the ship departs, the Port of Oakland and the Oakland Airport’s North Field area (which is NOT the airport with terminals for the general public that I and most passengers use for commercial flights-- that is the SOUTH FIELD) will be thoroughly cleaned to mitigate any potential contamination.

I am very appreciative of the way this operation has been planned and executed so far. It gives maximum priority to protecting the public’s health and safely, while providing medical care and compassion to those in need. This is how we should care for one another. It represents the best in who we are.