Sylvia's Ordeal to Get the EDD Benefits She Deserved

For immediate release:

I have been demanding greater action and responsiveness from the state EDD for millions of Californians seeking unemployment benefits.

The failings are obvious to far too many Californians. My office has been working to assist hundreds of constituents who have been caught in this ineffective and often unresponsive system. I want to raise up their voices. 

One of these constituents is Alameda resident Sylvia Kahn. Like so many Californians, she lost a job that she loved and then had to endure the difficult, murky, and months-long process of navigating the EDD system. Sylvia was incorrectly classified as disabled and had her claim denied. Her impression of EDD’s concern and communication was poor and unacceptable. She even consulted with an employment attorney for advice on how to get her claim approved.

She then reached out to my office for help. It took time and effort, but I’m pleased to share that my team and I were able to get her case reviewed and her benefits approved. Much to her relief, Sylvia also secured a new job that begins this month! 

Californians should expect more of their state government. We realize that the workers at EDD are under tremendous pressure as the volume of COVID-19-related unemployment claims has soared. But we must correct these system problems and give people the benefits they are entitled to right away. Making people wait months to get the money they desperately need to put food on the table or pay bills is not who we should be as a state.

That’s why I have joined with 61 of my colleagues in the Legislature to call on Governor Newsom to immediately process payments to our fellow Californians who have been caught up in the massive backlog of claims at EDD. Californians who qualify need to be paid and paid now!

If you need assistance with an EDD claim or with a state agency, my office is here to offer assistance. Please contact us at 510-286-1670 or our office website: