Bonta Statement on AB 3088’s Tenant Protection Agreement

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) Issued the following statement on AB 3088 Tenant Protection Agreement:

“The final agreement reached on AB 3088 is not the bill I hoped for and I believe that California’s tenants need and deserve more.  But it provides critical protections for tenants, as well as small “mom-and-pop” property owners, during this pandemic, and is far better than what has emerged as the only alternative to AB 3088:  Doing nothing for the 17 million Californians who rent the place they call home and having a wave of evictions start Wednesday (September 2).

“I proposed and fought for the stronger tenant protections in AB 1436 that I joint authored.

“AB 3088 protects from eviction California tenants struggling to pay their rent due to COVID 19 for the six months that have passed and for five additional months going forward,  And it buys us valuable time to construct and pass additional protections.

“The Federal Government has a large role to play in shaping a more comprehensive solution, including authorizing funding for relief in ways that states are fiscally unable to do.  It must embrace this role and act.

“So we must pass AB 3088 and then get right back to work. I will continue to work with tenants and tenant advocates, other stakeholders, and my colleagues to identify and implement appropriate solutions that match the scale, scope and size of this crisis.”