Stop Private Prisons In CA

Stop private prisons in CA!

Submit your support for AB 32 and AB 33 and help end private prisons in California

AB 32, would prohibit California’s use of for-profit, private prisons and the second bill, AB 33, would require
California’s public retirement funds (CalPERS and CalSTRS) to divest their holdings in for-profit, private prisons.

“The built-in incentives for these businesses are all wrong. A private, for-profit company that’s traded on Wall Street will inherently be incentivized to maximize profits and minimize costs - including the important “costs” of investments in programs, services and rehabilitation efforts for inmates - through warehousing our inmates. They have a duty to shareholders, not to California. It’s time we redirect our criminal justice system to value and prioritize effective prison rehabilitation programs, which will help minimize recidivism rates and maximize successes for inmates upon their reentry into society. These companies are not only facilitating the Trump Administration’s political agenda, but profiting from the cruel, zero tolerance immigration policies that have torn innocent children from their families. This is inhumane and not in line with California’s values. In California, we put our money where our values are and I applaud CalSTRS for its recent decision to divest from for-profit, private prisons,” Assemblymember Bonta said.

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