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Bill: Keep Medically Supportive Nutrition

Sejal Parekh I Precinct Reporter News

Participants in Recipe 4 Health have seen impressive results, including decreased indicators of chronic illness. AB 1975 would ensure permanent funding for the program.

Knee surgery in 2021 limited Elizabeth Duran’s physical activity and caused her to gain weight. Duran, 65, took pills for high blood pressure and dealt with her anxiety privately.

California Program to Treat Chronic Conditions Through Healthy Diets Could End

The Legislature and governor will need to act this year if the state is to continue providing food as medicine for low-income residents.

George B. Sánchez-Tello I Capital & Main

When Nazifa Hakimzada met with her doctor in 2022, she was warned she had hypertension and was pre-diabetic. She was also managing chronic pain and depression. The 56-year-old woman asked if there was an option other than prescription drugs. 

SF groups behind push for healthy food as health-care benefit

Natalia Gurevich, San Francisco Examiner


A consortium of San Francisco health officials and nonprofits is pushing for California legislators to permanently enshrine access to nutritious food as a covered benefit under the state’s Medicaid program.

California lawmakers want to curb retail theft, but say it’s not as easy as it sounds

Anabel Sosa, Los Angeles Times


While California lawmakers feel pressure to address concerns about crime, the murky and sometimes contradictory evidence of an increase in lawlessness has put legislators in a bind.

Recent studies show that retail theft has increased in some of California’s big cities — with shoplifting rates jumping nearly 50% in San Francisco since 2019 — while some rural and suburban areas of the state have seen a drop in those crimes.

Emeryville Orgs honored at Second Annual AD18 Awards Celebration

Rob Arias, E'ville Eye

Representations of organizations throughout Assembly District 18 packed the auditorium at the Emeryville Center of Community Life on Friday, October 27th for the second annual AD18 awards celebration.

The event recognized orgs and individuals making a difference in their communities. It was attended by a swath of local councilmembers and mayors from Alameda, Oakland & Emeryville and emceed by District Director Rowena Brown.