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AD-18 The People's Plan

The Peoples Plan

What is the People's Plan?
Alameda, Oakland, and Emeryville are vibrant communities with a strong commitment and history of civic engagement and democratic participation. As your elected Assemblymember, Mia Bonta is dedicated to amplifying the voices, feedback, and concerns of her constituents here in the 18th Assembly District, representing them in Sacramento. Assemblymember Mia Bonta and staff frequently meet 18th Assembly District community based organizations and neighborhood leaders who propose policy throughout the year. The People’s Plan is a special opportunity for all constituents to offer creative solutions to community based issues by proposing their legislative ideas. There will be two (2) opportunities for community engagement: youth (ages 13-17) and for adults or community at-large.

Issue or Problem?
Notice an issue in your neighborhood that you’d like to see addressed? Proposals can range from local community enhancements, statewide reforms, innovative new policies, or modifications to existing laws. Submitting a proposal is a great opportunity for you to have your voice heard! All proposals will be reviewed by my team, and the top Youth and Community At Large proposals will be selected. Don’t miss out on this chance to help shape the future of our community!

If Selected, Experience the State Capitol!
Come experience Sacramento, participate in a guided Capitol Tour, and meet with expert policy-makers for a day at the State Capital. You will also be given the opportunity to advocate for your proposed bill during a formal committee hearing during the 2024 legislative season. The ultimate reward, however, is knowing that your idea holds the potential to become law throughout California!

To participate, please complete the form below and send in your suggestions by August 31, 2023. This contest is open to all AD-18 residents, and we particularly encourage students to take part.

Review? Submitted policy proposals will be reviewed by Assemblymember Mia Bonta and staff.

Youth: 13-17 years old.
Adult: 18+/community at large.

Legislative and Policy Proposal Due Date: August 31, 2023.
Policy Selections Announcements: Late-September, 2023.


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Your Plan
How will your proposed plan solve the inherent issue you and your community are currently facing?
Does implementing your proposed plan come with a cost? If yes, which funding source would you allocate for it?
Please provide at least five (5) organizations that would support your proposed plan? Why would they support it?
Please provide at least three (3) arguments that affirm your proposed policy? Explain why.
Please provide at least five (5) organizations that would NOT support the plan if implemented? Why would they not support it?
Please provide at least three (3) arguments that the negative would say in opposition of your proposed policy? Explain why.
Please provide any reports, studies, or articles that support your proposed legislation.
Please also determine if there have been prior legislative attempts made? What were the results?
Your Information
Example: Oakland District 1, Alameda West End, Emeryville Longfellow