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Shattering Glass Ceilings: Celebrating Women’s History Month!

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to kick off Women’s History Month this March in District 18 and across California! As the month unfolds, we are also excited to commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8 and Latina History Day on March 10. During these occasions, we reflect on the glass ceilings that women trailblazers have shattered over the years to be in positions of leadership and celebrate our collective strength.

In Assembly District 18, women stand as the driving force behind positive change, playing a vital role in fostering both thriving and resilient communities. Across Alameda, Emeryville, and Oakland, elected leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs are empowering our communities. Whether leading workforce development efforts in Oakland, nurturing children's growth and education in Alameda, or promoting student achievement in Emeryville, we stand united in our commitment to equitable opportunities. As an active member of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus, we will continue to advance women’s rights and promote gender equity through legislation in partnership with our community leaders. It is an honor to be surrounded by remarkable leaders both in Sacramento and in our District who strive to improve the conditions for all.

While you take a moment for personal reflection to uplift the women in your life, please find resources and engagements throughout Assembly District 18 in today’s newsletter. You will find information about newly released grants, higher education scholarships, and civic engagement opportunities. As always, please contact my District office for any State related issue as we are always ready to help. 

Yours in Service,

Assemblymember Bonta signature

Mia Bonta
Assemblymember, 18th District

In this newsletter, you'll find the following information:

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Section 1: Women's History Month Community Engagements

Section 1A: City of Oakland's 71st Annual Mother of the Year Nominations NOW OPEN!

City of Oakland Logo

The City of Oakland’s Mother of the Year is a tradition dating back to 1954. Every Saturday before Mother’s Day, a new “Mother” is proclaimed, and her name is added to the Mother’s Walk at the Morcom Rose Garden.

If you would like to nominate someone, nominations for this year’s Mother of the Year are due on March 15, 2024, by 4 p.m.

Please email all completed documents for the nomination to the OPRYD Mother of the Year Program at

Section 1B: Oakland Library Women's History Month 2024 Events

Oakland Public Library Logo

In March, the Oakland Public Library will host four free events celebrating women’s achievements in environmentalism, activism, and the arts. These events offer attendees the opportunities to engage in thoughtful discussions with female leaders in these fields and enjoy a captivating one-woman film and dance performance.

When: March 1 - March 31, 2024

Where: Oakland Libraries

Section 1C: Alameda Library Women's History Month Movie Night

On March 27, Alameda Free Library will celebrate Women’s History Month with a special free screening of the 2020 film “Promising Young Woman”. The movie sheds light on the sensitive obstacles that women encounter in today’s society.

When: Wednesday, March 27 at 5:30 p.m.

Where: Alameda Free Library, 1550 Oak St, Alameda

Section 2: State of California Resources and Grants

Section 2A: Beverage Container Redemption Innovation Grant Program

Cal Recycle Logo

The Beverage Container Redemption Innovation Grant Program aims to issue up to $73 million to support start-up costs for recycling programs, such as recycling centers, mobile recycling, reverse vending machines, or bag drop programs.

Eligible grant applicants include businesses, nonprofits, public agencies, existing certified recycling centers, new recycling centers, and community service programs. Applications are due by April 16, 2024.

Learn more about the Beverage Container Redemption Innovation Grant Program by emailing or apply now

Section 2B: California Opportunity Apprenticeship Grant

Department of Industrial Relations Logo

The California Opportunity Youth Apprenticeship (“COYA”) Grant through the Department of Industrial Relations aims to develop and test innovative practices to increase the participation of youth in pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs, and to demonstrate the impact of apprenticeship on employment and earnings outcomes for opportunity youth.

Eligible applicants include businesses, nonprofits, or public agencies. Applicants must demonstrate a history of at least 2 years of serving opportunity youth in education, employment, or workforce development. 

Applications are due by March 15, 2024.

Section 3: Student, Local Business, and Nonprofit Funding Opportunities

Section 3A: Serve as a Grand Juror on Alameda County's Grand Jury!

County of Alameda Logo

Working as an arm of the Superior Court, the Civil Grand Jury contains 19 citizens authorized to investigate local government to ensure that public agencies are working in the best interests of the public. To apply to become a grand juror, you must be a U.S. citizen, have resided in Alameda County for at least one year, be at least 18 years of age, and have sufficient knowledge of English. Applications are due by April 15, 2024.

The Grand Jury’s broad legal authority and investigative powers allow it to:

  • Determine whether public monies are being spent wisely and for appropriate purposes
  • Ensure local government agencies conduct their business in an open, transparent manner
  • Investigate the conditions of jails, detention centers, and hospitals

Applicants selected for Grand Jury service must devote a significant amount of time for one fiscal year. The jury meets on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Oakland, but most grand jurors devote additional time to their service. 

Apply today.

Section 3B: Oakland Promise Scholarship for Graduating High School Students

Oakland Promise Logo

The Oakland Promise Scholarship plays a vital role in supporting educational equity and empowering students in Oakland to pursue higher education opportunities they might not have otherwise been able to afford. 

High school seniors are encouraged to apply for the Oakland Promise Scholarship if attending a four-year college, two-year community college, or CTE program. Awards range from $2,000 to $4,000, with a limited number of scholarships available at $8,000 and $16,000.

Online applications are due by March 8, 2024, and FAFSA/CADAA must be completed before application submission.

If you have any questions and want to learn more about the Oakland Promise Scholarship, visit the Oakland Promise Scholarship Application Portal

Section 3C: Northeastern University Oakland Scholarship


Northeastern University Oakland has established a scholarship for 10 graduating seniors from the Oakland Unified School District who are incoming freshmen to Northern University Oakland! Each high school may nominate up to two seniors from their campus for the scholarship. The scholarship will fully cover tuition, room, and board. 

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must apply to be a first-year student at Northeastern University by the application due date and be admitted to the Oakland campus.

Section 3D: StopWaste Grants for Business and Nonprofits in Alameda County

StopWaste Logo

StopWaste is offering $1.1 million in grant opportunities to nonprofits, businesses, and institutions with projects aimed at increasing individual, business, and community involvement in the prevention of waste in Alameda County.

Grant opportunities include:

  • Food Waste Prevention & Recovery Grants
    • Available to nonprofits, businesses, institutions, and school districts, these grants fund innovative projects that prevent surplus food from being generated by redesigning the way food is produced, processed, distributed, or prepared. Funding is also available for projects that recover and redistribute surplus edible food donated to address food insecurity and nourish communities. These grants range up to $30,000. Grant applications are due on March 14, 2024.
  • Reuse and Repair Grants
    • Available to nonprofits and businesses, these grants fund innovative projects that prevent waste through reuse, repair, deconstruction, redistribution, product or process redesign, recovery, and other ways that keep goods and other materials out of disposal or recycling. The goal is to conserve natural resources and stimulate economic activity in the reuse and recovery sectors. These grants range up to $25,000. Grant applications are due on March 14, 2024.
  • Surplus Food Donation Equipment Grants
    • Available to nonprofits, these grants provide funding to strengthen the capacity of non-profit organizations to increase the safe recovery and/or distribution of edible surplus food generated by businesses in Alameda County to nourish communities with food donations that would otherwise go to waste. These grants range up to $10,000. Grant applications are due on March 14, 2024.
  • Reusable Transport Packaging Equipment Grants
    • Available to nonprofits and businesses, these grants fund reusable, durable alternatives to replace limited-life packaging used in manufacturing, transportation and/or distribution, such as boxes, pallets, pallet wraps, and dunnage. Funds help cover the upfront reusable equipment costs. Once reusables are in place, organizations often see long-term cost savings by eliminating (or significantly reducing) recurring costs for packaging materials. These grants range up to $10,000. Grant applications are due on March 14, 2024.
  • Community Food Systems Grants
    • Available to nonprofits and businesses, these grants fund community-rooted and driven projects that address gaps and shortfalls of the food system with innovative longer-term strategies to improve food access, address equity, economic opportunities, and community health. The goal is to support efforts that prevent the wasting of healthy, culturally appropriate, and locally grown food, and ensure it is being equitably distributed to communities in need. These grants range up to $10,000. Grant applications are due on March 14, 2024.
  • Reusable Foodware Infrastructure Grants
    • Available to businesses, nonprofits, and institutions, these grants fund innovative projects that explore the feasibility of replacing single-use, disposable foodware with reusable systems. The goal is to eliminate single-use foodware and instead develop local infrastructure to make reusable foodware accessible to businesses and consumers. These grants range up to $25,000 per each. Grant applications are due on March 14, 2024.

Section 3E: Oakland Teachers Apply for the Cohort to Champion Youth Vote!

Oakland Youth Vote Graphic

The Oakland Youth Commission, in partnership with Oakland Youth Vote, is piloting the Teacher Cohort to Champion Youth VOTE in 2024!

This initiative is crucial as it empowers Oakland teachers to educate and engage students in the democratic process, instilling in them the importance of civic participation and voting. Benefits of being a part of the cohort include:

  • $500 stipend 
  • Helping shape district curriculum 
  • Special youth VOTE swag for your students 
  • Relationship building with Oakland youth organizations 

If you are interested in being part of the Teacher Cohort to Champion Youth Vote, please submit an application.