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Assemblymember Bonta Codifies Authorization for State Lands Commission to Transfer Land to City of Alameda

For immediate release:

(SACRAMENTO) – A bill introduced by Assemblymember Mia Bonta (D-Oakland) to authorize an agreement between the State Lands Commission and the City of Alameda has been signed into law, allowing the City to move forward with the development of the 32-acre site known as Encinal Terminals.

“Over ten years ago, the City of Alameda re-zoned the property for housing, but due to the intersection of the private and public land, has not been able to begin any development. Currently, the publicly owned parcel is inaccessible to the public because the parcel is land-locked with no access to water, no utilities, and no public access,” explained Assemblymember Bonta.

In August 2022, the State Lands Commission approved a Land Exchange and Title Settlement Agreement that would resolve the boundary disputes and reconfigure the public trust lands at the Encinal Terminals through a series of conveyances between the city, North Waterfront Cove LLC, and the state. The Encinal Terminals property is a 32-acre site in the City of Alameda. It consists of four parcels, three of which are privately owned, and a 6.4-acre tideland parcel that is publicly owned. The agreement also would facilitate the mixed-use development at the waterfront site, which includes residential uses, a bay-trail waterfront promenade, park, and plazas. The conveyances proposed in the agreement require the Legislature’s approval to grant the lands that are conveyed into the public trust back to the city, in trust. With Legislative approval, those lands, once conveyed, would fall under the State Land Commission’s control and management.

“The City of Alameda thanks Assemblymember Bonta for authoring Assembly Bill 1706 which facilitates the productive reuse and redevelopment of vacant and underutilized lands within the City of Alameda for much needed housing, maritime uses, and publicly available open space. The City was proud to co-sponsor Assembly Bill 1706 with the California State Lands Commission and looks forward to breaking ground on this once blighted property that sat vacant for over 10 years. Thank you Assemblymember Bonta for bringing this tremendous new amenity to the City of Alameda which will be enjoyed by the surrounding East Bay region,” stated Andrew Thomas, Acting Director of Base Reuse and Economic Development in Alameda.

"AB 1706 is an important bill for the City and the community. It’s so great that my first bill signed is one that will deliver for my district. With the signing of the bill, the City can move forward with plans to build 589 housing units, provide access to more than 4 acres of waterfront parks, and turn 13 acres of submerged lands into a marina. This is a win for everyone,” concluded Assemblymember Bonta.

Assemblymember Bonta partnered with the City of Alameda, the State Lands Commission, Alameda Chamber & Economic Alliance, Bike Walk Alameda, East Bay YIMBY and North Waterfront Cove, LLC.

Find below the reconfigured property lines to facilitate and develop the construction of 589 housing units on private land (yellow) and 13 acres of public parks and marinas on public lands (blue).

pre-configuration of Encinal Terminals (left) and post-configuration of Encinal Terminals (right)

AB 1706 goes into effect on January 1, 2024.